air compressor a versatile tool with multiple uses

An air compressor is a very useful and efficient tool which is capable of performing multiple jobs. Basically it is an instrument which helps to convert gas or electric power into kinetic energy through a method of compressing the air. Usually an air compressor is used to inflate tires in the automobile shops but most of us are unaware of its other useful purposes.
Uses of Air Compressor
In addition to filing air in deflated tyres, it can be used for many other purposes with attached accessories like blowing the dust and debris, supply of clean air to submerged divers, supply of pressurised air to cylinders used as breathing apparatus. It is easy to use these instruments with other apparatus attached to it.
It is important to use these instruments with utmost care as it can cause accidents if used improperly. Ensure to wear proper clothing which covers your body completely including a good pair of shoes.
There are a number of air handling unit manufacturers which produce different varieties of products which include different sizes too. For homes and light duties, it is better to opt for the small and compact air compressor that can be carried along easily. These pumps can only perform small chores like filling the tyres and for spray guns as it does not have a storage tank for storing of air.
The next size compressors have a small tank and a horsepower motor. It can be used to clean surfaces which are quite hard like drive ways and other similar places. Electric, gas powered, duplex, rotary screw compressors are some of the commonly found products in the market.
Choosing the Right Product
While choosing an air compressor, it is quite important to understand its features and inbuilt qualities. It is equally important to choose a product that suits your needs and requirements. It is true that every home requires such equipment that simplifies household chores. However before selecting a product it is important to keep a few things in mind:
Firstly you need to analyse the air tools which fit the product and for what purpose you wish to purchase it. The product should be chosen on the basis of individual requirements as there may be huge variations on features like operating costs, performance, horse power and price. It is also important to select a product which is portable and electronically powered like the twin- stack compressors which can be easily used on uneven surfaces, for maintenance of roofs, and so forth.